Product Manager
Job Responsibilities
  1. Identify product opportunities and own end-to-end product execution in accordance to MCDEX vision and strategy, as well as clearly defined metrics of success and user outcomes.
  2. Act as the voice of the customer using quantitative and qualitative data to make strategic product decisions which will empower the Yat community.
  3. Communicate and collaborate effectively with developers, designers, support, user research and other stakeholders to reach product objectives.
  4. Stay current with the competitive landscape and products, monitoring emerging trends to ensure ongoing product market relevance.
  5. Collaborate with product founder to develop a scalable, systematic approach to backlog/roadmap generation, project execution, and reporting.
  1. Experience managing a user product.
  2. CEX/DEX, crypto, DeFi, or fintech experience preferred.
  3. Highly organized, self starting, and biased toward action / execution.
  4. Ability to learn quickly in order to understand what's important for a DeFi product.
  5. Strong written, verbal, and organizational skills.
If you are interested, please drop your resume at [email protected]