Senior Frontend R&D Engineer
Job Responsibilities
  1. Responsible for frontend project development, technical research, and selection, architecture design, performance optimization, etc.
  2. Responsible for the management of the frontend open-source Web3 project, and output the industry’s first-class open-source project.
  3. Have the ability to lead a team, regularly summarize and share, and drive the continuous improvement of the front-end team.
  1. 3+ years of front-end development experience, able to complete front-end development work independently.
  2. Proficient in web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJs.
  3. Familiar with React / Vue / Webpack and related frameworks and technologies in the ecosystem, with independent project development experience.
  4. Proficient in Web3 development technology.
  5. Familiar with various front-end debugging tools and performance optimization,with modular programming ideas and good code habits.
  6. Experience in large open-source projects is preferred.
  7. Have a strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated, and good teamwork spirit, the pursuit of excellence.
If you are interested, please drop your resume at [email protected]